Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Tips For Washing Hair

It's a routine, like brushing our teeth or cut our nails, but it is time to make some reflections on the right shampooing so you see everything it can do for you.Keep in mind that the basic hair care and hair care involves unabuena is achieved by washing the hair well while always using the right products. 

If you add to each hair is a world where every woman, fall, fat, dry, weak or dandruff, you realize the importance of providing the good done with your specific care washing. 

How often you should wash your hair?And on this point is where the professional cosmetology and dermatology not agree, leaving the final decision to the consumer. Some say that the hair should be washed every day, while others believe that once a week is enough.

But why not try to take a middle path and testing wash your hair every other day? This way you will be avoiding shampoo products accumulate on the scalp and hair, but still provide the treatment that both think you need, including hair care.

Also, a good reason to reduce the use of shampoo is the kind of addiction he generated in your hair, because although you get a fresh and shiny hair after each treatment (something like an artificial life), surely change Contrasting would use it if you stopped suddenly. 

Tips for washing hair
  • Do it with warm water and, if possible, make the final rinse with cold water, because that closes the cuticle and hair ensures brighter.
  • First you must rub only water as well sucrase product residues that have previously applied to your hair.
  • Apply a moderate amount of shampoo and put it in your hand, do not apply directly to your hair. Then, try to divide it in equal amounts over the head and gently massaged. The long and tips are washed with foam that washes into rinse, you do not apply shampoo directly.
  • Rinse to remove all foam. Do you apply shampoo again, remember that this contributes to dry your hair.
  • Use a conditioner on lengths and tips, scalp does not need it, since it has its natural sebum. Then I rinse it. 
  • Squeeze and dry much as you can with a towel, squeezing, but do not rub, because it damages it. Thus you prevent split ends.
  • Detangle first for the tips and then continued to rise until it throughout the hair. Do it gently.
  • Let it dry only, but if you is not possible, do it with a dryer at medium heat, no closer than 20 cm. Remember that heat exposure is harmful to your hair.
  • If you apply some extra product recalls moderately and do not abuse the number you use. It is always best to use a good quality product, most, but low quality.
If you really feel it necessary to use chemicals to care for your hair, undoubtedly washing should be reduced as much as possible, but without falling into neglect. Every other day, or every other day, is a suitable frequency for a person with normal hair and is not subjected to large negative impacts (too much sun, dust, dirt, etc). 

But instead, if you prefer to wash your hair every day, you can use natural hair treatments that will nourish and revitalize without adding aggressive substances. So you can avoid damage and hair loss. 

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