Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Home Treatments For Muscle Tears

IceIce is a super fast for torn ligaments treatment. It acts as a natural anesthetic and reduces swelling, internal bleeding and inflammation. Place ice to the painful area for a period of 15 minutes on the site and then 15 minutes out. Repeat this throughout the day for two days to keep the pain under control. 

Reduced activity, joint stabilization and elevated lesionLimit your physical activity, particularly activities involving the use of the areas where the tear is located. Perform a pressure dressing with gauze over the site of the tear also help give more stability to the painful area until it heals. The gauze bandage also help limit the pressure on the torn ligament and will prevent excess mobilize. Finally, tear rise above the level of the heart, help to reduce inflammation associated with the injury. 

Nutritional SupplementationTake the right supplements help your body heal from the inside out. Consume with anti-inflammatory supplements such as bromelain. Bromelain can be consumed in doses of 500 mg 4 times daily for up to cede the pain and inflammation. Fasting takes supplement to ensure proper digestion of it. Additionally, a daily zinc supplement may speed healing of the lesion; taking 15-30 mg of zinc per day to increase the healing ability of your body.

HorsetailHorsetail is a medicinal herb that has many medicinal ingredients, such as manganese, potassium and silica. The síllice of Horsetail helps improve the state of the ligaments and connective tissue. This remedy can be used in tincture form; put 10 drops in 1 cup of water and take this concoction six times a day until symptoms subside. Take ponytail in tea; place 2 teaspoons hot water and let sit for 15 minutes. They can be eaten up to 4 cups of this medicine. 


If you take bromelain supplements, you can also consume turmeric to enhance its effect. Take 500 mg of curcumin per day to reduce inflammation and swelling of the torn ligament. Consume this herb three times daily between meals.Other home remedies: 

This home treatment used to relieve pain and swelling of a sprain or tear to base a little cooking oil.Ingredients: 
• A bit of edible oil.How to prepare: 
• Warm the oil.How to implement: 
• Since this hot as you can stand the sick person well sobe the affected part, but too long, until heated tendons.
 • After selling the affected part.


• You can not wet the next day.

 • You can rub the foot, arm or leg. 

Tips and recommendations: 

-In The time the injury occurs should apply ice immediately, if not have it, you can put wet towels. This will reduce inflammation. Very importantly, that then no heat is applied, as increased bleeding and therefore the injury. 

-A Point to consider essential to meet if you want to recover fully, is rest. Do any activity or enforce damaged the time you need the injury by severity zone. This will ensure a better and effective recovery

 -of Should start slowly stretch without pain, ie, without straining the most muscle, just relax during series about a minute.Doctors, many experts recommend dry heat on the affected area, you can get them through a heating pad, or a handkerchief heated with an iron or hair dryer. Following this, you can apply a cream-inflammatory. 

-The Exercise should be resumed the third or fourth week, when the maximum muscle force this recovered by 90% and when there is no pain tests stretching and contraction. Obviously you should not start with all but a small way and with a gradual increase. 

-of Should start slowly stretch without pain, ie, without straining the most muscle, just relax during series about a minute. 

Remember to visit the doctor to give you the "high" and you can return to sports regularly. Also keep our handy tips to avoid tears obviously not to return to happen to you.

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