Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Body Parts They Age Faster Hands

The passage of time makes it appear signs of aging in the human body, body parts they age faster than others and that, though God look like, do not hide your true age. Want to know what? 

Chest: The part of the body that ages ago. "Breast tissue is two or three 'major' years than the rest of the body", experts from the University of California. 
Hands: Hands are always in contact with elements that avejentan, and according to those who know, the sun is the main culprit. Sunscreen should be without hands, nor a thick moisturizer every night before bed. The best recommendation is to begin to care for premature, because once the signs of aging can not go back appear.

Face: The spots and wrinkles come without asking permission from the face to let you know that you are no longer the same, though barely passes the 30! As the face is one of the body parts they age faster, better start worrying more. Moisturizers, anti-aging and sun protection are essential but do not work if you do not eat well and drink plenty of water.

The eyelids are falling over time. To prevent this it is best to sleep, drink lots of water and avoid salt intake.Neck and neck: The skin in these areas is thinner than the rest of the body. To avoid aging, experts recommend using the same products for the face.

Knees: easily lose elasticity and therefore are more flaccid than the rest of the leg. Exercise helps to keep them smooth.Hair: Gray hair is just a sign of aging hair. So is its texture, because the more time passes, more fat and becomes thin.


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